How to use the Chalk Paint

Painting the Distressed Look

This is one of the projects in Creating the French Look using Country Grey and Old White.
What you need for a project similar in size to the armoire.
-1 litre of a colour for inside and drawers and underneath the top layer when sanded back
-1 litre of a colour for the top coat
-A brush - use a synthetic bristle brush, not too small so it makes it hard work but not so big it's hard to manipulate it.
-Fine sandpaper - 120 grade is good
-A pot of clear wax and as big a brush as you can handle to apply it.
-A pot of some darker wax polish the piece.
The steps in brief
Paint, paint, wax, wipe. Sand then wax then wipe (dark wax at this point with the clear wax) Finally polish the piece the next day for a mellow sheen.

Painting Wooden Floors

Paint Your Floorboards
This is the best way to give your boards the look of old bleached, whitewashed, and distressed wood.
Use a roller for applying both the paint and the varnish.
Use the paint straight from the pot for an opaque look or use it thinned with water for transparency.
You may find applying the paint with a floor mop is easier if you are using the paint thinly. Edges can be done with a one or two inch brush . One or two coats will be necessary depending on the colour and absorbency of the wood. The lighter paint colours will also need more coats generally.
For bedrooms you can leave it as it is but for areas with more footfall then varnish with our Extra Strong varnish. One layer is all that is necessary in areas of lower traffic but use 2 layers of varnish where there is a lot of footfall such as an entrance way.

Painting Concrete Floors
The concrete floor above has been transformed by our paint and is in part of our shop.It has been repainted recently by Anna-Marie copying the original done by Annie many years ago but using some different colours. This is also a project in Annie's new book.
It was painted first in Chateau Grey then printed with Cream and a few squares of Scandinavian Pink with a small square sponge. Lastly Extra Stong Varnish was applied.
Using Chalk Paint as Blackboard Paint

Any colour blackboard - as long as you use one of our terrific Chalk Paint colours. Have a Emperor's Silk or Monet Blue Blackboard for instance. Write on it with a stick of chalk and when you want to clean it off just wipe over with a damp cloth.

Working with the Chalk Paint

Painting with our paint should always be a pleasure. If it is feeling like hard work then maybe the paint is too thick, so try adding some water to the pot to make the paint flow easily.
Or perhaps you are working with a brush that is too small?

If it is hard work rubbing back with the sandpaper then next time paint a thinner top coat.

If it's not working out how you thought it would maybe you had too set an idea in your head of the finished look. Each piece of furniture responds in a different way to the paint.